DownTown Visalia

Certified Farmers Market

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The community has spoken, they want their evening market back.

DownTown Retailers agree.

The DownTown Visalia Certified Farmers Market


is a CDFA Certified Farmers Market operated in the historic DownTown District of the City of Visalia.  DTV-CFM is focused on Organic and Sustainable farming practices, Environmentally friendly packaging & connecting shoppers to their producers.  All while supporting DownTown Business Owners, providing access to healthy food buying alternatives, and cultivating the tight knit community that every DownTown deserves.

105 S. Church Street Visalia, Calif.

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  Whether you are a Restaurateur looking to enhance your Farm to Table experience, a local family looking for a wholesome community market event experience, or a Traveling Nurse living in a Downtown loft, we have something for everyone.

  Supporting the DownTown Farmers Market is like giving the Earth a great big hug, as we have a commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable Market Operations.

  You will be pleased to know that you can find all of your staples here, and some INCREDIBLE specialty items as well!  Beef, Chicken, Sprouts, Micro Greens, Culinary & Medicinal Mushrooms, Fresh Bakes Sourdough, Specialty grapes, Certified Organic Stone Fruit. . .and the list goes on and ON!

  All of these incredible offerings produced within 50 miles of the City of Visalia!

  Come out with the family after work, support local businesses, purchase locally grown produce, the best in locally prepared foods & unique handmade goods.

Vegetable Picking

  The DTV-CFM is committed to supporting our community.  We are partnering with a local non profit (Valley Collaborative) to distribute unsold produce to low income food insecure community members.

  The DTV-CFM NOSH booth is a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) operated by the market, and staffed with local Organic food Chefs and special guest chefs.

  All food served from the NOSH booth is prepared from commodities found in the market, and demonstrate the ease of creating fresh, healthy dishes quickly and easily from the healthy produce grown right here in the Central Valley.

  DTV-CFM provides the permit, the fully enclosed booth, the food service containers, food service utensils, and signage.